Corners of Space cover - spaceships flying in the space with stars and asteroids in the background

Corners Of Space

A free to play strategic roguelike spaceship fighting game.

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Space station

Equip your NFT

Spaceship NFT with modules
Spaceship NFT with modules
Spaceship NFT with modules


Do you want a free NFT? Play better then others
Inside the space station
Two astronauts in the space station talking. First says "Don't be afraid, take control, you can do this!". And the second says "Ok, what's my next move?"
Hands on the keyboard. Speech cloud says: "Need worthy P2E? Here we go."Spaceship flying fast. Speech cloud says: "Heaven for hardcore gamers? Let's go!"
An astronaut in the space station. Speech cloud says: "A game where you actually need skill to earn? Here we are!"Two astronauts fighting in the space station. Speech cloud says: "A balanced economy with fixed entry? That's us!"
Two gamers playing in front of the big screen. PVP. Challenge others
A gamer in front of the computer playing Corners of Space. PvE. Challenge yourself

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Captain of spaceship. Speech bubble with text: 'Get on board. For your chance for...who knows whats coming'


Corners of Space, 2023

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